Today I would like to introduce my new open-source application designed to make printing of JIRA stories much easier – JIRA Story Print.

Atlassian JIRA is a project tracker with a great functionality and flexibility. Our team use SCRUM methodology and we print stories before every planning. The problem is that default printing features provide too many details about every story. We actually need only following:

  • Story ID and title,
  • reporter and assignee,
  • estimation,
  • description,
  • comments.

We don’t need other information since it’s unnecessary on planning, and when we do stories we anyway look at JIRA. Also we are not interested in priority field because the list of stories is already ordered.

So, we had to copy manually the necessary information from every story, and this process is very inconvenient and takes too much time. That’s why I decided to improve it and write a small tool that will take all stories and cut all unnecessary details, change style a little, font, etc.

Lately I heard that it’s possible to export stories to Excel-file and use some script (or something like that) to apply style that will leave only desired information. But this approach require Excel to be installed. And anyway I wanted to try myself in working with HTML-files using HTML Agility Pack 😉

To get the list of stories ready for printing you need to make only few steps and it doesn’t matter how many stories you will actually print:

  1. Filter in JIRA Issue Navigator stories for planning.
  2. Click Views -> Full Content that will open all stories with all their details on the one HTML-page.
  3. Save this page to file.
  4. Run JIRA Story Print, drag and drop saved file to the left side of the window.
  5. Take processed file using drag and drop from the right side.
  6. Now you can print resulting HTML-file just from the browser.

When you drop file on the application’s window the left side will change color to green (in case of correct file format). Application immediately starts processing of the file. If content is OK then the right side will change color to green too on processing completion. It might not be very convenient to drag and drop files all the the time. But I just was interested how this works 🙂

You can see the demonstration on the application on the video:

Source code and archive with compiled files can be found on GitHub.

Feel free to use it! I hope it will be useful for your team too 🙂

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